October 20, 2011

Imperial Blaster

Full instructions here (28MB, 93 page PDF). Instructions created using Lic.

See whole set including the real life creation on Flickr.

January 30, 2011

I’ve posted a new Lic build (version 0.5.11). Not a lot of new features; mostly bug fixes. This version includes a proper OSX app build, finally. The slow, slow climb to version 1.0 continues.

Get it here:

December 18, 2009
Falcon Stand instructions

Quick & simple stand for 7778 MIDI-scale Falcon. No changes to the ship needed. A simple ball joint like this has almost enough clutch to work, but will wear out pretty fast.

Instructions made using Lic, which is still in the works.

See whole set.

September 26, 2007

I’ve been working on a little LDraw application for a while now, something I like to call Lic – Lego Instruction Creator. It’s a lot like LPub, only with a WYSIWYG editor, which should make creating custom, nicely laid out instruction booklets a snap. Eventually…

Lic is still in a proof-of-concept stage, but if you’re interested and don’t mind providing some feedback, check it out.